The Land Trust is a succession plan

Food security and rural ecology are essential to national security. The Land Trust (CC 37781) (see Charities Office Record) will allow consumers, whose lives depend on the soil, to develop an active kaitiaki or guardianship role in support of those who carry the day-to-day responsibility for the farms. When consumers are motivated to share the economic burden of land ownership through a Trust established for that purpose, then productive land can be purchased freehold as a social resource and leased to suitable farmers with a view to increasing the volume and availability of organic- biodynamic foods on the local market.
At the same time young people who want to farm will be supported, by those who depend on their efforts, in caring for the land on the basis of best-practice sustainable soil and water management. This provides an alternative to prevailing scenarios whereby the banks’ mortgage requirements take precedence over sustainability.
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